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Wholesale Smoke& Cigarette glass display case SuppliersI OYE

Wholesale Smoke& Cigarette glass display case SuppliersI OYE

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Hot sale Smoke& Cigarette glass display case for Store,Vape store, Tabacchi, Cigarette Shop, Shopping Store, Supermarket,Collectibles, Toy Storage,Mobile Store, Home Decoartion,Jewelry Store,Glasses Shop,Optical Shop,Watch Store,Museum.Popular design , wholesale factory prices, also support Custom-made,with 15 years of experience in producing display cabinet,welcome for inquiry!


  • Brand: OYE
  • Size: 1200(W)X500(D)X950mm (H)
  • Material: Aluminum+Tempered glass+LED light
  • Color: Black
  • MOQ : 10 PCS
  • Location: CHINA
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    Wholesale Smoke& Cigarette glass display case  SuppliersI OYE

    This Smoke& Cigarette glass display case Made from Tempered glass with black aluminum framde -radius profile,with a bright lighting Dimmable Light-LED for 6000K ,The glass front can be transformed from opaque to transparent,Two adjustable 7.1mm glass shelves solves the problem of displaying different sizes of products for you. ,Locking sliding glass doors (security lock) make sure you product secure.Adjustable Plastic feet,with wrench easy for moving to any proper place that you need ,1.8m Electrical cord with switch.Oye showcases your best smoke shop one stop solution suppiler,Contact us to get started, we can help build your store!

    Quick Details

    Brand Name: OYE
    Model Number: CB-01
    Color: Black
    Material: Tempered glass
    LIGHT: Led Light
    Function: Store Display Stand
    Payment: T/T
    Type: Floor Standing Display Unit
    Style: Display Equipments
    Usage: Retail shop
    Application: Commercial Display
    Feature: Lockable

    Product Description


    3.Tempered Glass,
    4.Aliminum With 2 Adjustable Shelves
    5.The glass front can be transformed from opaque to transparent
    6.Locking sliding glass doors (security lock)
    7.1.8m Electrical cord with switch
    8.Adjustable feet with wrench+Plastic feet
    9.Create With Oye,made By Oye
    10.Good Quality And Puncyual Deliver
    11.Everything Is Pre-assembled In Factory,ready To Usd Affter You Receive
    12.Custom Desighns Are Welcome,our Desighners Could Make 3d Renderings And Engineer Drawings As Per Your Request

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  • What is a humidor cabinet?

    A humidor is used for storing items that are sensitive to ambient climate. Cigars and other smoking materials are the most common residents, but humidors are also used for art, documents, seeds, and even baseballs. These cabinets maintain their internal humidity level at a stable percentage in order to keep their contents from drying out or becoming too damp. Most humidors have a hygrometer that accurately measures the current interior moisture. Maintaining  proper humidity level allows items to uphold their quality over a longer period of time compared to other storage methods. Humidor cabinets are typically large enough to store thousands of cigars and can stand alone as a piece of furniture rather than a box humidor or a room humidor.

    Why is a cigar humidor cabinet necessary?

    Humidor cabinets come in different styles and components, but all serve the purpose of preserving your most excellent cigars. Improper maintenance and storage can resultin a wilted taste or aroma when you pull out that perfect cigar from its wrapping.

    A humidor requires regular care to maintain optimal conditions for storing items safely away so they don’t spoil over time – especially as supply struggles to meet demand as people buy more cigars than ever.

    How much does a good cabinet humidor cost?

    The price for a qualityhumidor cabinet generally ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. The price for your particular selection will vary depending on its size, features, and production materials. An average cabinet humidor usually costs between one and three thousand dollars. They are commonly used for deep storage, and they can protect your climate sensitive items for years to come.




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