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Will online shopping completely replace physical stores | OYE

With the development of network technology, the popularity of computers and the development of e-commerce, more and more people choose online shopping to buy what they need online, from simple clothes to electrical appliances, and now cars, online shopping has become an indispensable part of people's life. Will brick-and-mortar stores really be replaced by e-commerce? Next, the small series of customized glass display cabinet factory will give you an analysis:

Retail display case plans with island cabinet composed of five cabinets    OYEA

From the quality of the product, for the glass display cabinet, the object is larger, the price is high, people will carefully choose, because online can not see the quality, can only look at the picture; While the physical store is not the same, clients can see the quality and kind, and experience after-sales service conveniently and fast; Online shopping will be troublesome and time-consuming for after-sales service, so physical stores will not be replaced by online shopping. In some ways, shopping is a process of experience and communication. Of course, Oye Showcases welcome customers to visit the factory to consult some things about the display cabinet.

From the perspective of consumer groups, there are different social classes and educational conditions. There are still many people who do not have access to the Internet, and online shopping is out of reach for them. At present, the distribution of consumer groups is relatively scattered, and online shopping is impractical for economically backward areas. Even in developed areas, some groups with older age will not choose online shopping. Therefore, physical stores still have the possibility of existence.

From the perspective of consumers' economy and values, if the economic conditions are better, they will choose from the quality of products; For economic conditions, they will be measured from the price of the product. Shops selling a variety of daily necessities, like this, selling POTS and bowls, such physical stores will be phased out sooner or later, because online shopping will save a lot of cost, the price will be saved, but it should be emphasized that the experience industry, so online shopping will not replace physical stores.

From the service attitude, you will see the attitude of the physical store. One-to-one service will explain to you in detail and reply to your questions in time, while online customer service will communicate with many customers, so the reply will be slow and the after-sales quality is uneven. So physical stores will not be replaced by online stores. Online shopping has the advantages of online shopping, but the physical store also has its advantages, so online shopping will not replace the physical store, on the contrary, they complement each other and complement each other. Online shopping cannot completely replace physical stores, at least for now.

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Post time: Sep-02-2021