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What are the production elements of high-end display case jewelry | OYE

If jewelers want to run a good business, they need to customize high-end display case jewelry suitable for their products. Well , OyeShowcases will tell you that there are four elements in the production of customized high-end jewelry display cabinets:

1 . Focus on visual effects

In fact, good jewelry showcase manufacturers pay great attention to the visual effect of the display cabinet when they custom jewelry display case, because there are two main functions of the display cabinet, one is to set off the jewelry, the other is to place the jewelry, so people pay more attention to its setting off and beauty.

Therefore, visually, it should be placed in front of the corresponding color environment background. Different colors of jewelry display cabinet with different background color, give people different feeling. For example, a pink display cabinet in a black environment will feel uncomfortable, but when it is placed in a warm background, such as blue, it will give people a fresh feeling and a general feeling.

2. Create fashion beauty

When making high-grade jewelry display cabinets, the makers must create fashion beauty to make such jewelry display cabinets have good contrast. Through contrast and comparison to improve the luxury of jewelry, they need to buy fashionable and beautiful jewelry display cabinets.

Some small decorations will make the jewelry display cabinet more unique. This effect can be achieved by placing a small object on the display cabinet. But it should be noted that the existence of jewelry display case itself is to let consumers see the things inside.

3. Give people a high-end and luxurious feeling

The high-grade jewelry display cabinet always gives people a sense of luxury. The video display in the high-grade jewelry display cabinet will also give people a very precious feeling, which is the important role of the high-grade jewelry display cabinet. The so-called good horse with good saddle, just like the car model at the auto show. The staff standing in the display cabinet is actually a kind of "decoration".

4. Use high brightness spotlights

When we buy jewelry display cabinets, we will also consider what kind of lamps we buy jewellery display cabinet with. The installation of high brightness lighting in the jewelry cabinet can make the jewelry glitter, crystal clear, and make the jewelry sell well. If the light is too bright or the reflection is too strong, looking too long will cause eye fatigue. In the high-end jewelry display cabinet, the lighting of the display cabinet must be soft, so that customers will not be tired.

These are the four elements of high-end jewelry display cabinet production. If you want more information about glass display case for jewelry, you can search "Oyeshowcases". We are a jewelry display cabinet supplier from China, welcome to consult us!

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Post time: Apr-23-2021