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Jewelry Display Cases

Best Jewelry Display Cases Manufacturer,factory In China

Let Oye showcases, Meet Your jewelry display cases Needs

Jewelry display cases are retail jewelry counter, showcases & display table used inside a jewelry store or showroom. In the past, most of the jewelry display fixtures made from wood panels. Nowadays, more and more materials are used to build elegant jewelry furniture, such as stainless steel, artificial stone, or translucent stone. Modern concepts and different styles appear in a jewelry display to create an eye-catching design, too. Glass jewelry displays are the most popular display furniture.

Oye showcases is the best jewelry display cases manufacturer, factory, and supplier in china since 2017. We supply jewelry display cases for retail stores, no matter the style of case or type of finish you need. Our ready-made showcases are sturdy and require little or no maintenance. We stand behind the high quality and value of our products.

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Unrivaled Attention to Detail

At Oye showcases, we know that a jewelry showcase is so much more than just a display cabinet. That is why we are proud to present our high-quality jewelry showcases for your retail display needs.Made with sturdy materials and hardware, our jewelry showcases are built to last and are crafted with style.

Lighting - Lights are an essential element of any jewelry showcase, ensuring that merchandise displays optimally. Jewelry that is well lit is more attractive and appealing. LED lighting is the preferred and cost effective light source. LED light provides a clear illumination to make jewelry sparkle.

Locks - We include locks in every jewelry display case to make sure your merchandise is secure. Various locks are used, including plunger locks and cylinder locks.

Finishes - Jewelry showcase finishes that match the unique look and aesthetic of your retail store. Jewelry showcases are available in standard, custom or any upgrade finish or laminates to suit.


Customize Your Jewelry display case

Oye showcases is a leading manufacturer of jewelry cases and jewelry counters—we custom jewelry display cabinets in fabric wood lamination and stainless steel. And offer a full line of modern design island standard cases and wall mount display cabinets and shelving for entire stores within our collections. Our jewelry tables are styling that includes stylish, sleek appearances and traditional classical design to satisfy different display requirements. Whether you are looking for an antique jewelry curio cabinet or fashion jewelry showcase, you will always find the ideal model here.

What's more, if you have any custom demand or OEM requirements, Our experienced design team will be happy to work with you on planning a unique modern new store or an interior redesign. Our designers are good at different styles, whether you are looking for a fluid look or modern industrial jewelry shop interior design. Our team will help you create the right ideas in your mind. Oye showcases manufactures display cases and retail counters with the jeweler in mind. Hence, we offer many cost-effective options that every retailer needed—easily applied for every jewelry business retail environment. 

We offer a multitude of spacious jewelry showcase styles with sleek designs. This ensures that items display with uncluttered and visual clarity. These classic showcases are easy to place next to each other to create a contiguous grouping in retail spaces. Many of our classic showcases include rear drawers and shelves for convenient storage.

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Providing a range of high-quality pedestal showcases. Pedestal showcases the alternative to our classic showcase options. Pedestal showcases have a display cabinet that is wider than the base.

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Our full vision showcases boast a special a glass to glass construction. This creates a clear, unimpeded view and an aesthetic that is both clean and modern. Full vision showcases are a good choice for a broad range of merchandise including jewelry, accessories and watches.

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luxurious-style showcases are the perfect for high-end jewelry retailers. Combining traditional stylistic hallmarks including curved legs and moldings to great effect. These luxury display cases are an excellent way to add elegance and flair to your retail floor.

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We know that every retailer has different display needs. That’s why we offer a range of specialty fixtures to accommodate your every retail need. Available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your display needs.

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Oye showcases offers one of the finest quality MDF showcases for high end retail stores such as jewelry stores, golf shops, auto dealerships or gift shops. These showcases are made of carefully selected MDF panel for long lasting durability, sturdiness and royal look. You can choose from more than 90 styles from wood countertop displays, wood tower display cases, antique style showcases, cash wraps, island display cases or all glass display cases. Oye showcases uniquely offers customizing these wood showcases with different finishes. You can add LED lights to these wood showcases to highlight the merchandise in these display cases.

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The metal showcases are one of the best quality showcases offered in the industry for museums or collectibles stores or very high end retailers such as jewelry shops, auto dealers, golf shops or winery gift shops. These display cases are all made in china and carefully built on make to order basis. These high quality, long lasting, sturdy metal display cases comes in more than 300 styles ranging from standard full vision showcases to special design showcases such as curved tower display case, curved wall display case, corner display case to hexagon style wall cases, tower displays, free standing jewelry displays. These showcases include high quality lights, locks and castors to move showcases easily. You can choose from large selection of colors / finishes to create unique look for your business.

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For customers looking for smaller cabinets to house earrings, and body jewelry, there is also a large section of glass countertop models. These displays feature clear tempered glass, and has a lock and key for security. There are rectangular, hexagonal, as well as rotating showcases offered. A portion of these cases also have shelves to allow for displaying several items within the same fixture. Buy one of these showcases today, and create a POP display that will help move slow-selling merchandise!

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Like LED lights, 90% of jewelry shopfitting will need a glass top to display except for some jewelry tables. Clear acrylic is another translucent material used to build jewelry showcases, but Glass still in the leading position. Glass is much safer and more robust than acrylic. But You can use acrylic for some tabletop displays. Typically, a standard jewelry display counter comes in two parts, Top glass display area and a bottom storage cabinet. However, There's always an exception. Frameless jewelry showcases are made from clear tempered glass from floor to top on a simple base.

We usually 7.1mm thickness glass for the side while using 7mm thickness for the top panel. Glass sliding door is 6mm for a lightweight. However, for some particular jewelry display environments, we will use layered Glass, known as bullet-proof Glass, to give safe protection. In Oye showcases, all the Glasses are tempered with safety assurance. Especially in China, Temper glass has a famous name. Using such Glass on your display furniture, You can sleep with a good dream.

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Tabletop jewelry shop furniture is portable display cases designed for smaller items, with the diversity of new design pieces of jewelry and different display demands. The standard display case is not able to satisfy it. There must be another unique style display method to present the products. Tabletop displays are perfect for solving this with a simple base and glass top or clear glass top. You can display your merchandise in the ideal style that you want. Countertop display stands are trendy in jewelry retail stores and luxury trading showrooms.

Oye showcases countertop is designed to perfect for merchandising small-scaled items. You can display not only jewelry but also watches, accessories, or collectibles. The glass top and acrylic top cover give balances between security requirements and visibility needs. Our extensive collections of countertop showcases are perfect for tables, counters, display shelves, or right next to the cash register counter. And they are designed with vast flattened proportions for ultra top viewing.

In contrast, the compact dimensions make it easily portable to move around. What's more, the sleek contemporary design featuring a perfect base and decks with unique style led spotlight showing on corners, which will make your jewelry sparkling and outstanding. Our tabletop display stands are also ideal for trade shows and business events.

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If you want a higher lever modern design glass showcase, Chromed stainless steel is the best choice to go. With a sleek display table from the bottom, the top glass showcase area is perfect for giving the right unique presentation. Stainless steel is CNC cut and welded together with strong support. So the leg can be as slim as possible, which creates the structure of a unique line. Compare to wood showcases. Stainless steel jewelry cases are much more straightforward and elegant, Which is perfect for higher-level jewelry shops.

What's more, stainless steel can be electronic-plating into many different colors, from bronze to champagne gold or luxury brushes black or mirror coffee. You will have the best effect on your jewelry shop's decor if you use our stainless steel furniture. Besides straight showcases, We also have a curved jewelry case design, dome jewelry stand, pedestal showcase, and floor standing display cases, which are perfect for retail stores, public jewelry centers, and exhibition events.

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Oye showcases's custom display cases are Do-it-Yourself economical showcases that are great for gift shops, convenience stores or cannabis stores who are looking economical and fast solution to their store display needs. These ready to ship display cases are made of MDF board and come with clear installation instructions. You can chose from 300+different styles from wall display cases, jewelry display cases, glass display cases and many more.

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We have 200+ types of jewelry display cases in stock, also accept customized service, contact us for more information.

Just tell us your detailed requirements. The best offer will be provided.

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Why Choose Us As YourJewelry Display Case Supplier In China


Best Quality.  We have rich experience in the manufacture, design, and application of jewelry display cases, and served more than customers worldwide.

Best Quality.  We have rich experience in the manufacture, design, and application of jewelry display cases, and served more than customers worldwide.

Competitive Price. we have an absolute advantage in the cost of raw materials. Under the same quality, our price is generally 10%-30% lower than the market.

After-sale service. We provide a 2/3/5 years guarantees policy. And all costs will be on our account within guarantee periods if issues are caused by us.

Fast Delivery time. We have the best shipping forwarder, available to do Shipping by Air express, sea, and even door to door service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jewelry Display Case

How much assembly is required for these glass store fixtures once received?

Most of these retail showcases come fully assembled with little to no additional maintenance required.

Some of the quick ship fixtures are shipped completely unassembled, however this fact is very apparent to the customer prior to purchasing any of these models.

There are a select few glass cabinets that do need to have the shelving installed prior to use.

Do all of these retail glass showcases include interior lighting?

Many of these pedestal stands come with optional track lights. Although most of the other retail cabinets don’t include lighting, they do feature a full view design that allows light to penetrate through onto the displayed merchandise. For more information regarding any of these store showcases contact a member of our customer service team.

The Most Popular Jewelry Shopfittings

Like green leaves and red flowers, The display cases can set off the most delicate jewelry pieces. Therefore, the design must accommodate the merchandising while the effect will not cover its beauty. Oye showcases is an expert on commercial furniture for over 15 years.

We custom design and manufacture high-quality retail showcases, wooden cabinets, and luxury display tables at an unbeatable price. Our best selling showcases are below:

LED Light Jewelry Display

Glass showcase

Tabletop jewelry stands

Wooden jewelry counters

Stainless steel jewelry showcase

Wholesale Display Cases, Trophy Case Cabinets, and Glass Jewelry Showcases

At Oye Showcases, we take pride in bringing you high quality display cases and other retail display products for sale at wholesale prices. Our selection includes a variety of glass display cabinets, trophy cases, countertop showcases, and retail jewelry display cases that are perfect for a wide array of merchandise such as accessories, gems, jewels, valuables, collectibles, and sports memorabilia. In addition to extending wholesale prices to our customers, we also provide fast shipping and exceptional service which is unmatched in our industry.

Not all jewelry showcases are created equally. Our retail store display cases offer both style and durability which are second to none. Constructed with attractive designs and made with the best materials available, glass display cases from OYE Showcases can make a big impact on your retail efforts. Whether you need a glass display cabinet for a jewelry store, a trophy case to boast your collectibles, or a wood showcase to display your merchandise, we are sure to carry a display case to match your goal and aspiration.

Presentation plays an important role in selling your retail merchandise. Whether you are placing jewelry for sale or other goods, unique display cases can make a measurable difference in the way you do business. Our display cabinets create a wonderful shopping aura and add character to your product lines, making them more desirable to customers and inevitably irresistable. Discount Showcases takes gratification in providing our clients with the very best in wood and glass display cases, trophy case cabinets, display accessories, and retail showcases. Call or place your order online with us today and enhance the way you sell today!

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What is LED Light Jewelry Display Case

Lights in jewelry displays are essential because they can make the merchandise stand out and attract audience attention and increase sales. With the LED industry's development, The trend towards LED light has grown much more robust in the past few years. Nowadays, not a single jewelry display cabinet can sell without LED lamps. There is different LED light used in jewelry showcases. You can have a square LED stripe light inside the standard island counter. Soft led stripes can use inside the cabinet where an illuminated logo needs to light up or inside a poster to brighten the background. Bracket spotlights are widely used in all types of jewelry shop furniture.

Usually, the bracket spotlight will be installed in each counter's four corners and give soft focus on one to two particular merchandise. But some other LED down lamp usually installed on top of the wall cabinet to have a flush surface with the cabinet. Typically those LED downlights are used a lot in trophy cases and tower cases.

Jewelry Display Cases: Store Fixtures Showcase High End Necklaces, Bracelets & Earrings

Where can you find jewelry display cases that are made with quality wood and glass materials, but don’t cost a fortune? Right here at Oye showcases! Many of the jewelry cases offered here are priced far-below any of the competition. Make no mistake, the showcases here are priced low due to the fact that they are designed, warehoused and shipped from one of original factory here in the china, and not because they are sub-standard quality.These store fixtures are normally seen in jewelry stores, boutiques even museums to showcase high-end items. The jewelry display cases for sale here come in various sizes and wood finishes in an effort to match or blend with any décor.

Use these glass showcases to not only house merchandise, but also to create an area to interact with customers. All of the glass used in these showcases is tempered. This safety glass is often preferred, and sometimes required for retail locations, as it poses less of a liability when it breaks. Museums like to use these showcases for a period piece, or to showcase a local artisan’s work. The pedestal stands shown above are perfect for these types of displays, and also feature additional track lighting to further spotlight the displayed item. There are also jewelry display cases here that have a removable acrylic lid and wood base to allow for exhibiting a new or featured piece of jewelry.

Generally, we have common Jewelry Display Case products and raw materials in stock. For your special demand, we offer you our customization service. We accept OEM/ODM. We could print your Logo or brand name on display case body . For an accurate quotation, you need to tell us the following information:



Please tell us requirements for sizes; and if need to add extra function such as , material, or function,application etc.


No MOQ limit. But for the Max quantities, it will help you get the cheaper price. More quantity ordered, the lower price you could get.


Tell us your application or detail information for your projects. We can offer you the best choice, meanwhile, our engineers can give you more suggestions under your budget.

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